i think its kinda obvious by now  but yeah i abandoned this blog (and actually was away from the internet in general for quite a while) for it only caused me pain omg

i ended up making another blog which i started using recently tho so if you want to keep in touch with me send me an ask i guess!!!



i was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in buying this doujin that i worked on mainly for practice. the printer i found has a 25 order minimum. if i don’t get enough i’ll just get a proof for myself so i can see how the printing comes out (︶ω︶) but if i do then i will order the amount that people preordered and send them out. if you’re interested please reblog and say that you’re willing to order!

details: 24 pages not counting text pages and fillers/blank pages which i haven’t done yet|JIS B5 size paper (usual doujinshi size)|4 dollars|USUK

alfred and arthur go camping and are gay and it’s really inconsistent throughout because i was using it as practice more than anything so FAIR WARNING IT SUCKS

if i do get at least 25 interested people i’ll set up a date to start preorders on my storenvy shop… it could get complicated because what if 25 people don’t order??!!!! so please if you say you’re gonna buy then be sure that you are! or else i will just probably turn a negative profit which isn’t so bad anyway if it’s like one person but if it’s 10 people i’m screwed and i’ll probably have to refund people at that point

thank you for reading! please signal boost!

EDIT: please say if ur gonna buy in the text of the reblog because that way i can easily pick em out from the notes!!! thank u!

i am def buying it ye!!!!!!


i’ll reblog all of my artwork here and make this blog my artblog. i’ll also unfollow almost everyone and only keep following resources blogs and all

basically im getting rid of this account, kinda. so ye





do you like money?



ok guys, so what if the x on the off logo is not actually an x, what if its one of these


and its like handing you the control over the batter, because you are the puppet master.